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2019 Campsite Rates & Reservation Requests
Our rates are based on 1 camping unit (tent, pop-up, or trailer) per site
and include 2 adults and 2 children under 18 years of age.
Rates includes fees and local taxes.
No reservations will be taken from individuals under 21 years of age.
Campsites at Little Red Barn CampgroundEntrance sign at Little Red Barn CampgroundRV Site at Little Red Barn Campground

Type of Site Spring May 24th -
September 2nd
Fall Holiday Weekends
Basic $37.00 $40.00 $37.00 $42.00
Water & Electric
30 amp
$42.00 $45.00 $42.00 $48.00
Water & Electric
50 amp
$44.00 $47.00 $44.00 $50.00
7 Night Special 30 amp $252.00 $270.00 $252.00 N/A
7 Night Special 50 amp $264.00 $282.00 $264.00 N/A
Monthly 30 amp $680.00 $720.00 $680.00 N/A
Monthly 50 amp $720.00 $760.00 $720.00 N/A

Check-in time: 3:00 PM
Check-out time: 12:00 Noon
$10.00 for early check-in, if available
$10.00 late check-out fee allows you to stay until 4:00PM, if available
Additional Adults: $10.00
Additional Children: $5.00
Holidays: Adults/Children $10.00
Holding Tank Pumping On-Site
Pumping available Monday - Friday, excluding holidays: $10.00
Special Request Pump: $20.00
Long & Short Season Sites - Please call for information
Trailer Winterizing: $65.00
Storage Area Rate: $65.00 per month per unit
Deposit, Cancellation & Refund Policy
A deposit is required in order to secure your reservation request.
No refunds for cancellation within 14 days of scheduled arrival date.
No refunds for early departure or inclement weather.
There is a $10.00 service fee on all cancelled reservations.

2019 Trailer Rental Rates
Please click here to visit our Trailer Rental page for complete information on our trailer rental options.

General Information for Reservations:
• No reservations will be taken from individuals under 21 years of age. You must be 25 years of age to rent trailer.
• Limit of 6 people per campsite.
• Check-in time is 3:00 PM. Check-out time is 12:00 Noon. Check-out for rental is 11:00 AM.
• Deposit of one night fee is required to reserve site. Holiday weekends must be paid in full at time of reservation.
• Cash or credit card accepted at time of check-in. No checks accepted at check-in.
• There will be a $35.00 service charge for all returned checks.
• Cancellation Policy: No refunds for cancellations within 14 days of scheduled arrival date. All cancellations have a $10.00 service fee. No refunds for no shows, early departure, inclement weather, etc.
• Holiday weekends include: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day - 3 night minimum, must be paid in full when reservation is made. Any sites not reserved 1 week prior to holiday will be made available for less than 3 night stay.
• Holiday weekends also apply to the following weekends of Halloween Activities: Oct 11-13, Oct 18-20 & Oct 25-27. 2 night minimum for these Halloween weekends, must be paid in full at time of reservation.
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