Little Red Barn Campground - Family owned and operated for over 40 years

2015 Rates & Reservation Requests

Daily Rates:
Basic Campsite Rate: $35.00 per night
Rate includes 2 adults, 2 children, 1 camping unit and 1 vehicle
$40.00 per night Holiday Rate
Campsite with Water & Electric: $40.00 per night. Includes 2 adults and 2 children.
$45.00 per night Holiday Rate
Campsite with Water &
50 Amp Electric:
$42.00 per night. Includes 2 adults and 2 children.
$47.00 per night Holiday Rate
Additional Children: $5.00 per night 3 to 17 years of age
Additional Adults: $10.00 per night this includes children 18 and over
Weekly Rate: $210.00 Basic Rate for 2 adults and 2 children, includes 7 nights
$240.00 Site with Electric for 2 adults and 2 children, includes 7 nights
$252.00 Site with 50 Amp Electric for 2 adults and 2 children, includes 7 nights
Monthly Rate (Apr May Sept Oct): $660.00 with electric, prepaid at time of registration for 2 adults
Monthly 50 amp (Apr May Sept Oct): $700.00 with 50 amp electric, prepaid at time of registration for 2 adults
Monthly Rate (June July Aug): $700.00 with electric, prepaid at time of registration for 2 adults
Monthly 50 amp (June July Aug): $750.00 with 50 amp electric, prepaid at time of registration for 2 adults
Four (4) 2 Night Weekends: $325.00, includes four (4) two night weekends or 2 Nights per week. Water, electric, and storage on site for 2 adults and 2 children. You can not carry unused nights to another weekend.
Early Arrival: $10.00 before 1:00 PM (only if site is available)
Day Visitors: $5.00 per day children (3 to 17 and Seniors 55+), $8.00 per day adults (18 to 54), includes use of facilities and pool.
Holiday Day Visitors $10.00 all visitors (children 3+, adults & seniors)
Overnight Visitors: $10.00 per night for Adults, includes use of facilities and pool
$7.00 per night for Children, includes use of facilities and pool
Storage Rates - On Site: $15.00 per week during June, July and August
$10.00 per week during April, May, September and October
Every weekend regular camping fee must be paid.
Seasonal Storage Rates: $40.00 per month, on site before & after seasonal agreement.
Storage Rates: $45.00 per month (in Storage Area)
Sewer Dump Rates: $10.00 per dump
With Honey Wagon: $15.00 per dump for special request dumps
Please register at office for Dump Service. No tanks will be emptied unless chemically treated.
Seasonal Sites Available. Please call or email for detailed information.
Trailer Winterizing: $50.00
Short Seasonal: $1,550 (Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day)
Long Seasonal: $2,400 (April 3rd to November 1, 2015)

General Information for Reservations:
No reservations will be taken from individuals under 21 years of age.
Limit of 8 people per campsite.
Check-in time is 3:00 PM. No check-in after 10:00 PM. Check-out time is 1:00 PM.
Deposit of 1 nights fee to reserve site. Deposit accepted by cash, check or credit card. Deposit must be received within 7 days to hold site.
Cash or Credit Card accepted at time of arrival. No checks accepted at check-in. MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover accepted.
There will be a $35.00 service charge for all returned checks.
Cancellation Policy: We require 14 days notice to cancel for a partial refund. All cancellations will have a $10 processing fee deducted from the original deposit. Notice less than 14 days your deposit will be held to be used another time during the 2015 season. No refunds for no shows, early departure, inclement weather, etc.
Holiday weekends include the following: Memorial Day, July 4th & Labor Day: 3 Day minimum, must be paid in full when reservation is made. Any sites not reserved 1 week prior to holiday will be made available for less than 3 night stay. July 4th weekend, any sites not reserved 2 weeks prior to holiday will be made available for less than 3 night stay.
Holiday rates also apply to the following weekends of Halloween Activities... Oct 16-18, Oct 23-25 & Oct 30 - Nov 1. 2 night minimum for these weekends, must be paid in full at time of reservation.
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